Phillip Aya is the founder of

He is a creative and a social influence who is currently making an impact in changing societal perceptions.

VIBErance is a brand to openly welcome all those who are or have been in the shadows of society and for this to be the platform of interest to share and express your own story in a creative approach.

Our mission is to be the reason why individuals who “suffer” from Tourette Syndrome, mental health, gender identification and even misplacement in society, wake up everyday feeling vibrant and ready to take their steps to a successful future of living in their true beauty.


To make sure that everyone of us who share this similar feeling are heard and come together to make change happen.

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"It’s the 22nd of May, my twitches have become more abrasive, body soreness and muscle tension on my back neck and arms. I’m working and I've just been called TwitchMan….it’s not a bad name for a superhero honestly."